What is DeFi? feat. Aishwary Gupta

A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi

23-09-2021 • 41 mins

On this episode, Rohan asks the question - 'What is DeFi?' to Aishwary Gupta, Blockchain Research - B&B Analytics & Founder - Blockchain Byte, and a Chartered Accountant. Rohan asks Aishwary what the philosophy of DeFi or Decentralised Finance is, what the advantages of such systems can be, how it eliminates human errors or biases, blockchain transactions being so inexpensive, how traditional financial systems can integrate with DeFi, and more. Aishwary also expalins 'What is 'gas fees'?' on the Ethereum blockchain, how Visa and MasterCard are being extremely proactive in adopting blockchain, and lots more. Tune in for a very interesting chat.

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