Is Blockchain the Solution to Everything? feat. Mohit Mamoria

A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi

13-01-2022 • 25 mins

On this episode, Rohan asks the question - "Is Blockchain the Solution to Everything?" to Mohit Mamoria, CEO at Mailman and Author of 'WTF is Blockchain?'. They talk about whether Blockchain is actually the solution to everything, and whether slapping the word 'blockchain' on top of any business or sector is actually an accurate representation. They also discuss where Blockchain is actually usable and advantageous, new technologies that take the world by storm and the mentalities around them, and more. They talk about real world applications where blockchain could help, also talk about what the 'metaverse' means and whether we are already in it.

Mohit also explains a very interesting theory about how decentralisation leads to centralisation which leads to decentralisation, and the cycle continues. Tune in for an extremely interesting conversation.

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