What is a Crypto Wallet? feat. Tarusha Mittal

A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi

07-10-2021 • 27 mins

On this episode, Rohan asks the question - 'What is a Crypto Wallet?' to Tarusha Mittal, COO at Oro Pocket, UniFarm & Cloudrino. She also has a podcast called 'Living on Blockchain'. They talk about the need for a cryptocurrency wallet, the difference between a wallet and an exchange, what are private and public keys, hot wallets and cold wallets, and tons more. Tarusha also talks about what Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is, what 'seed words' or 'seed phrases' are, whether its possible to have a physical equivalent to cryptocurrencies, how much these wallet solutions can end up costing, and more.

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