10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Building That New Website - Website Planning Series Part 1

Marketing with Purpose

16-04-2021 • 40 mins

I always breathe a sigh of relief when I sign up a new consulting client and the first challenge they want to solve is their website, not some crazy marketing idea from la la land. Because if there’s one thing I love to talk about - it’s websites.

I don’t think I’ve been talking  enough about the glory of web design lately. And since mediocre web design is a plague we can’t seem to shake on the world wide web I teamed up with Stacy, my COO, CFO, Lead Sales Person and Chief Wearer of Many Hats to go into full on website geek mode.

Over the next few months we’ll geek out over each part of a nonprofit site. So you can stop working around your website and put it to work growing your organization. Starting from the very beginning with these 10 questions to ask yourself before building that new website.

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