"The Alchemist..." EP25

The Road Ahead Cafe

20-01-2022 • 21 mins

"The Silent Pulse" & "Nonviolent Communication."

Peter presents "The Silent Pulse," by George Leonard:

A search for the perfect rhythm that exists within each of us and how getting in touch with that rhythm can transform our experience in daily life and in some way alter the world around us.

Frank found for us, "Non-Violent Communication," by Marshall B. Rosenberg:

A language of life composed of a flow between yourself and others based uponmutual giving from the heart.

Rick regales us with "The Alchemist," by Paulo Coelho:

A mystical story about a young boy who goes traveling in search of treasure. His adventures teach him that there is a more important treasure inside us that can only be found by listening to our hearts.

Three ordinary guys sharing three extraordinary books in less than 30 engaging minutes.

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