TIB646 How To Get Your Job Ad To Stand Out Online

Tradies In Business

May 27 2024 • 26 mins

Do you find it challenging to cut through the noise and make your job ad stand out online? You're not alone. One of the key highlights is the importance of making job ads 'sexy' to stand out in a cluttered online space. Waz & Nic will talk about some recruitment strategies that'll make your job ads pop and attract the BEST candidates! From catchy headlines to engaging body text, and even adding videos, Waz & Nic covered it all to help you get top-notch tradies.

If your current approach isn’t working, switch it up and get hands-on help at our Get off the Tools Workshop in Melbourne on 30 May 30! Shoot us a message in Facebook or Instagram or hit up our website for details.


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