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If you find yourself having trouble with applying grace into your everyday life, then the Trueface Podcast is for you. Our hope is to provide practical and helpful applications of grace and truth so that we can live beyond the mask. Every other week, guests share a story, discuss a principal, and apply it to our lives. read less

Bruce McNicol // Jesus is my Friend
Bruce McNicol // Jesus is my Friend
On this episode of the Trueface Podcast, Robby is with Bruce McNicol. God has used the teaching wisdom, global vision, and business skills of co-founder and President Emeritus Dr. Bruce McNicol, to help Trueface offer breakthrough experiences of grace for many thousands worldwide. Leaders in all spheres of influence have found God's lasting resolution for their life issues and key relationships as they have journeyed with Bruce.  Bruce’s gifting to write to diverse readers and leaders has proved true in the best-sellers he has co-authored: The Cure, The Ascent of a Leader, Bo’s Café, Behind The Mask, The Kingdom Life, and High Trust Cultures. Audiences in various countries continue discovering hope and freedom from Bruce's story-driven, biblically-anchored teaching.Register for the Trueface beyond Retreat today! Price increases on March 1st! to know when we release episodes? Sign up here: on Youtube: for joining the podcast. Our goal is to help you experience and apply grace to your everyday life through sharing stories and processing these principles as we all learn to live beyond the mask. If you enjoyed this episode of the Trueface Podcast, it would help us if you would share this podcast with your friends and give us a 5-star review wherever you listen to this podcast.Support the show