Jawa Chatter: A Star Wars Podcast

Jeffers, Claudia, & Nerdy Nightly

Jawa chatter is a fun entertaining guide for new fans and old that discusses the outer reaches of the Star Wars universe far beyond the films. Have you only seen The Mandalorian and want to get into other Star Wars content but don’t know where to start? We’re here for that and more. If you already love Star Wars we have plenty to offer you as well with an entertaining podcast that will touch on the latest and greatest the Galaxy Far Far Away has to offer. We’ll be interviewing people that are passionate about Star Wars, some who have turned their passions into projects or jobs and others that work directly for Lucasfilm! In addition to providing an entertaining and educational guide to Star Wars, Jawa Chatter aims to create a safe community for all. No matter what your favorite thing about Star Wars is, everyone should be able to talk about, share and have fun within the community. That’s why this is a podcast for everyone that loves the series and one where everyone is respectful to each other.