Derm Terms Decoded: “Peau D’Orange,” “Microdosing” Accutane and “Demodex”?! Dermatologist Dr. Samantha Ellis Shares What You Need to Know Before Your Next Appointment.

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May 15 2024 • 51 mins

In this week’s episode, we're diving into the world of “derm terms” with board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Samantha Ellis. The San Francisco Bay-area clinical instructor is also the brains behind the sleek and affordable skincare brand, Prequel, and today she’s breaking down the top skin terms to know before your next appointment!

Join us as the “Millennial Dermatologist” decodes:

  • Malar mounds vs. malar edema vs. festoons: Learn the warning signs that your filler may be building up to a danger zone (as *allegedly* spotted on one famous celebrity this year!)
  • Melomental folds: Why the lower half of your face may want some Botox love, too.
  • Peau d’orange”: What happens to your chin as you age and the one instance when Botox really can be preventative, according to the derm
  • Perioral dermatitis: Acne or rash? The expert weighs in.
  • Demodex: What to know about face mites and how to know whether they could be living on your skin right now!
  • “Microdosing" Accutane – Is this emerging skincare trend helpful or harmful?
  • Rosacea: Do you have it, or is it just redness? Plus, how to navigate your way back to an active skincare routine

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