Stange Appetites

18-01-2022 • 7 mins

Startling, lyrical, and tender, Strange Appetites shines a light on loneliness in magical and mythical ways. Reality is bent but beautiful in these intricately carved stories, and the author's varietal, passionate and subtle tone shifts fall on the ear with astonishing rightness.

Winner of the Adirondack Center for Writing’s People’s Choice Award 2016

A sister grows inside the body of another and wants to return; a woman accidentally walks through walls where her newfound intimacy offends. By turns surreal, mournful, and droll, this collection of short stories investigates our conflicting urge for intimacy and transcendence.

Enter this cabinet of wonders to find your mind and spirit expand. While the concerns and struggles are familiar — loneliness, troubled marriages, envy, hungers of various sorts —these fabulist tales shed fresh light, producing strange and tasty blooms. ⎯Ron MacLean, author of We Might as Well Light Something on Fire

The places her metaphors take us are intimate and quiet—the damp space under stones, the mushrooms that grow in forests. —Dana Diehl, editor of The Collagist