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Episode 12: On creating a business that plays to your strengths with Susanna Reay
Oct 25 2023
Episode 12: On creating a business that plays to your strengths with Susanna Reay
Have you bought into other people's notions of how you should run a business, only to find that you have lost the love for it? In this conversation I talk with Susanna Reay about how to create or pivot a business so that it plays to our uniqueness and we can love it again. Susanna Reay is an award-winning business mentor, visual strategist, speaker and writer, who’s been making business make sense for small business owners for 20+ years. Susanna brings a unique perspective to business thinking, informed by her background in business strategy and design, her interest in psychology and strengths as a creative visual thinker. Her mission is to help the unseen be seen, heard and respected.Susanna's online training programmes and book has supported hundreds of service-led business owners to amplify their message using her trademarked Sparkle Frameworks®. Her specialty lies in her unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back together in such a way that's easy to understand and implement. And because of this, her clients gain clarity and receive amazing results in the shortest amount of time. Susanna believes that running a business should be fun, empowering and led with integrity.Winner of Strictly Come Speaking's Speakers Award 2023, CEO Global 100 Business Mentor UK 2023, Finance Monthly’s Global Coaching Awards 2022, CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 and recognised by Disruptors Magazine as “One to watch in 2022”.More about Susanna Reay: