Sarah Woods of UK charity Help Musicians discusses “reverse globalisation” of UK music industry

Music Ally Focus

Mar 30 2023 • 24 mins

Episode 102: we’re joined by Sarah Woods, the Deputy Chief Executive of UK charity Help Musicians, a UK charity that offers career help for musicians in the form of a number of services, including financial support. She talks to Music Ally’s Editor Joe Sparrow about what she calls “reverse globalisation” of the music industry: a situation where UK artists become confined to touring in the UK due to it becoming increasingly hard to tour abroad.Post-Brexit, touring the rest of Europe is now a complex affair, involving visas and carnets, and accompanying rising costs. As a result, some musicians have been looking to America - and are finding complications there too, with the US planning to raise touring visa fees for foreign acts by more than 250%. We spoke to Sarah about this “reverse globalisation” and she shared some data that shows where applicants to Help Musicians’ services most need help around touring, and what the impacts will mean for artists as they seek to expand their audience at home and abroad.

Help Musicians:

Visa advice for touring artists:

The Cure – “Disintegration

Jacqueline du Pre & Daniel Barenboim - Elgar Cello Concerto

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