Persevering Under Pressure | Ben & Liam

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Sep 18 2019 • 38 mins

Loveable larrikins Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton are the now popular hosts of the Triple J Breakfast Show, one of the biggest radio gigs in Australia, but it wasn't always that way. The boys moved to Sydney to take over the job in their early twenties after quickly catapulting onto the national stage and were immediately faced with a barrage of heavy abuse from listeners that even included death threats. They endured many months of brutal criticism that nearly brought them to breaking point, but they weathered the storm to eventually earn the respect of their audience and gain bulletproof confidence in themselves. In this upbeat chat they talk about the highs and lows that've come with going a such a long way in a short time, as well as their own approaches to mental health and how they manage to perform under pressure every day with the ears of the nation listening.

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