Ep 8: Share Ownership Guidelines: Why You Need to Get It Right with Geoff Hammel

Own Up by Global Shares

Jun 14 2022 • 31 mins

In this episode, we dive into the world of corporate governance and share ownership guidelines. It’s a noble and effective tool in the corporate governance arsenal but many aspects of maintaining these programs can be painful.

Geoff Hammel has faced all the problems and has the solutions on how to get it right, first time, and without the headaches. He shares the pain points observed during his own in-house experience and the solutions he has developed to cure reliance on inefficient manual processes & sub-optimal participant engagement.


  • How Geoff found out how challenging share ownership guidelines can be
  • What are the common problems people encounter
  • How to get away from spreadsheets and easily automate calculations
  • Why taking friction out of your system can hold executives more accountable
  • What is Equity Abacus
  • Is this a US only concept or is it global
  • Why share ownership guidelines are so important in a volatile market
  • What is the cost of getting it wrong
  • Which are the common mistakes companies make with share ownership
  • The No.1 question asked by executives about stock options


A former Big 4 Consultant and Fortune 500 HR Leader, Geoff Hammel has spent his career at the intersection where executive compensation design meets operational reality. He is the CEO of Equity Abacus, a software company on a mission to simplify the burdens of corporate governance and especially share ownership guideline administration.


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