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From Setbacks to Success: Navigating Layoffs, Emotional Decision-Making, and Bouncing Back
May 24 2023
From Setbacks to Success: Navigating Layoffs, Emotional Decision-Making, and Bouncing Back
Welcome to the "What Should I Do Next? Show," where we dive deep into the intricacies of navigating your professional journey. In Episode 2, titled "From Setbacks to Success: Navigating Layoffs, Emotional Decision-Making, and Bouncing Back," we have two exceptional guests joining us: Kapil Kulshreshtha, the host of "Play It Full," and Shilpa Kulshrestha, the mastermind behind "Murdering Mediocrity." The Episode presents a transformative narrative from setbacks to success. Whether you are grappling with layoffs, seeking guidance on emotional decision-making, or striving to bounce back stronger than ever, this podcast offers a wealth of insights, advice, and inspiration. Join us as we navigate the complexities of your professional path and empower you to make informed decisions, build resilience, and chart a course toward a fulfilling career. The episode commences with a warm introduction, setting the stage for a captivating discussion. Prior to delving into the core topic, we take a moment to get to know our esteemed guests better. Shilpa Kulshreshta, with her remarkable background, shares personal experiences related to navigating layoffs and career setbacks. Meanwhile, Kapil Kulshreshtha, drawing from his wealth of expertise, focuses on helping senior leaders reignite their spark and achieve their next big win. Segment 2, titled "Navigating Layoffs," serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the impact of layoffs. Listeners gain valuable insights into the common emotions and reactions experienced when faced with a layoff, as well as effective strategies for coping with the emotional toll. Shilpa and Kapil generously share their personal insights and experiences, providing listeners with invaluable guidance on how to navigate layoffs successfully. In Segment 3, "Emotional Decision Making," we explore the critical role emotional intelligence plays in making sound decisions. Shilpa and Kapil delve into the intricate ways emotions can impact decision-making processes. Listeners are presented with practical tips and examples to help them make well-informed choices even when emotions run high. The advice and insights shared by our guests empower individuals to harness emotional intelligence and make decisions aligned with their long-term goals. Segment 4, "Steps to Bounce Back," equips listeners with actionable strategies for rebuilding their careers and finding new opportunities. Developing the right mindset is highlighted as a crucial aspect of bouncing back from setbacks. Shilpa and Kapil shed light on the significance of networking, upskilling, and maintaining a positive outlook. Their personal stories of triumph and success serve as inspiration, encouraging listeners to persevere and overcome obstacles on their journey toward achieving professional fulfillment. Connect with Kapil & Shilpa on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shilpa-kulshrestha https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapilkulshreshtha/