The Eric Byrnes Adventure

No Filter Network

A weekly celebrity guest interview show hosted by Eric Byrnes, an ex Major Leaguer and former broadcaster who will do just about anything to try to quench his unconditional thirst for adventure. Joining EB on the podcast is his right hand man, Henry Marken, who will do just about anything he can to keep his job. Each episode is a chance to learn and hear from (as EB puts it) some of the baddest mother f**kers to ever walk the face of the earth. Who knows, you may even learn something from EB and Henry. Doubt it. This podcast is produced and distributed by No Filter Network. Go to to watch each episode LIVE before it hits the podcast airwaves. You can also participate in the live chat as well as use No Filter Network’s ’knock’ feature to join the livestream and actually talk to the celebrity guests. Go to to learn more! read less