MAT TALES: 40 Years of Gay Adventures


MAT TALES: 40 YEARS OF GAY ADVENTURES = Autobiographical Erotica Stories from 40 Years of Gay Sexual Adventures. {NEW EPISODE Every Monday at Midnight EST.} In the 80's and early 90's, a time of no internet, no cameras and no phones, the outside world was a meeting place for gay men to find each other. To perfect the art of cruising. To negotiate your desires in person. To experience the thrill of moving in the shadows, behind the park trees, or around the alley corner. ​I lived in New York before the last pier closed. I sat nervously in the back of the Gaiety Theatre watching Russian strippers and followed my first NYC trick to a by-the-hour Times Square Hotel. I danced at Palladium and know every sexy rock in the Central Park Ramble. My apartment was off Castro Street in San Francisco, and I visited the Mack Club when it was a condemned old house in SOMA. I've lived in Miami Beach and fucked under the stars on the dunes and in convertibles, driving European boys around on tour. ​I've been in monogamous relationships and open ones, and have experienced love and heartbreak of every kind. I've learned to accept my kinks and my history as a part of who I am and to embrace the lessons, the thrills and the pain of it all as my truth. Sex + Truth = A Lifelong Journey. My stories. ​MAT TALES. I hope they make you feel all the things. Also check out the podcast SEX CLUB: MAT TALES AFTER HOURS, with interviews with guests about gay sex through the last five decades, from cruising to phone lines to apps and cams. You'll hear tales from other guys and get to tell your own. Each episode of SEX CLUB will feature an aural moment, because you should never leave SEX CLUB until you get what you want. read less