342: Eat Your Liver... & Other Organ Meats Too

Wise Traditions

Dec 6 2021 • 41 mins

Why should we eat our liver… and other organ meats? Are they really as nutrient-rich as we've been told? And, if we do decide to go for it, what's the best approach to adding them to the diet? James Barry, chef, author, and founder of Pluck, organ-based seasoning, sheds light on the subject of "offal" (organ meats). He explains why organ meats are, essentially, "Mother Nature's multivitamin." He gives a brief history of organ meat consumption, explains cuts we may be unfamiliar with, and shares ideas for how to go about including them in the diet (including stating with cuts that are most similar to muscle meat). He shares clever ways to eat liver and other organ meats, too!

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