Why WWE's Record Profit Ignores IWC's Broken Record of Ideas. (ep.672)

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10-02-2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Reliance on Part timers every WrestleMania season as WWE ignores the IWCs choice of main eventers and remain ignorant to their ideas on what WWE needs to do to improve their day to day creative. KOP lays out his monologue.

Why WWE feels the Superstar glass ceiling is needed?
When they build stars like Roman Reigns Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Hollywood looks at them and Madison avenue looks at them. John Cena Stone Cold The Rock and Batista are all examples of stars they lost in their prime. They only want to invest in lifers loyal to the company from developmental to legend.

Why did WWE switch gears and go the NIL and NXT 2.0 Route?
The next in line stars coming we'll have a ramp up to something bigger but they will have performed in their prime years at work in the company. Stars like Big E Liv Morgan any of those NXT Stars that were let go they weren't going to be able to make the kind of money needed to make the kind of return on investment that needs to be made now.

Why does the weekly TV product continue to be stale?
Regular TV viewers are accustomed to programming they are comfortable with. There are no shows that really adhered to a soap opera format where are there cliffhangers and constant dramatic changes after every segment. Even shows like AEW Dynamite or Rampage ,NWA Powerrr, Impact Wrestling, MLW Fusion or Azteca etc. only provide so many moments of excitement per hour of programming as well.

Why is the IWC so disappointed to how WWE programming is today and why they think the way they do?

The IWC was trained in crash television and that is what the attitude era was whether it's Vince Russo was holding the pencil or it was somebody else. At that time the money WWE need was really the programming and PPVs. The fantasy booking today is all based on how the Attitude Era taught us.

Why WWE is not paying enough attention to the IWC?

The company's earnings call for the year is proof while they're making a slight profit on the live events including premium live events. They're making the most money on their broadcast partners supplying live content. In professional sports we sit through hours of content and sometimes we don't get any kind of excitement or dramatic action that comes from it but yet you still watch it.

What is WWE trying to evolve into?

WWE is trying to incorporate a spectator sport like style to their product. Today if you are to see compelling content it is every scripted short form and delivered to us and 10 to 13 episode runs every year. I think the IWC asks for way too much and that's okay cuz for a while WWE cared about that they can't make money like they did back then listening all the time to their fans.

What can the IWC do to make their voice heard again?

Vince's inner circle listening to podcasts and social media are coming to an end. The IWC's commentary would matter more if it wasn't always negative and just put in podcasts or on social media. The IWC has to create a new proverbial seat to the table as a collective group investing your own money into their product. You go the shows when they're in town and come together to voice grievances. You buy shares of their stock. You buy and wear their merch. Otherwise the broken record chatter will continue.

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WWE (WWE) Q4 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

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