Dreamful Bedtime Stories

Jordan Blair

Bedtime Stories for Slumber. Each episode is a dreamy story accompanied by music to help you drift into a deep sleep. read less

May 19 2023
Have you ever wished to become a mermaid and experience the magic and mystery of the underwater world? Join me as I share a captivating tale of Nelly, a little girl whose wish comes true in an enchanting adventure beneath the waves.With her newfound friends Goldfin and Silvertail, Nelly uncovers the unique aspects of mermaid life - from their moon and sea origins to their diet of shrimps and sea apples. She also encounters the wonder tree that only blooms under a full moon and meets fascinating sea creatures like hermit crabs, sea spiders, and the elusive nautilus boats. But as much as she loves her new life, Nelly starts to feel homesick and longs for her family on dry land. Can the King of the Gulls help her return to her human life?You'll be transported to a realm where childhood fantasies come to life, as we journey with Nelly through her mesmerizing mermaid dream. The music in this episode is On A Knee by The Golden PeasSupport the show🎉 NEW! Subscribe on Buzzsprout to get a shoutout in an upcoming episode and bonus episodes synced with the regular feed! Need more Dreamful? For more info about the show, episodes, and ways to support; check out our website www.dreamfulstories.com Subscribe on Buzzsprout to get bonus episodes in the regular feed & a shout-out in an upcoming episode!Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for bonus episodes at apple.co/dreamful To get bonus episodes synced to your Spotify app & a shout-out in an upcoming episode, subscribe to dreamful.supercast.com You can also support us with ratings, kind words, & sharing this podcast with loved ones. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/dreamfulpodcast & Instagram @dreamfulpodcast! Dreamful Podcast is produced and hosted by Jordan Blair. Edited by Katie Sokolovska. Theme song by Joshua Snodgrass. Cover art by Jordan Blair. ©️ Dreamful LLC