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If actual drawing room conversations were recorded, the result wouldn’t be too far off from what we deliver through this podcast. Join the ”drawingroomers” as they discuss everything under the sun and provide an honest opinion as Pakistani expats living in North America, the likes of which is hardly heard in the current podcast/media space. (Languages: English/Urdu) read less


Episode 121: Expats & Mental Health ft. Zarina Tariq
Jul 3 2023
Episode 121: Expats & Mental Health ft. Zarina Tariq
Zaib welcomes to the Podcast Empowerment Coach, Zarina Tariq (@coachingwithz) who is an Internationally Certified Coach, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner, to talk about her experiences around the life and mental health of an expatriate particular from a South Asian background. Zarina brings with her a wealth of experience in dealing with 'expat' challenges impacting mental well-being and how she helps people deal with those pressures and challenges as an Empowerment Coach! The episode is a great eye-opener for anyone dabbling (or not) with the idea of taking up coaching or therapy in supporting their mental health #mentalhealth #empowermentcoaching #nlppractitioner #cbtpractitioner #pakistanexpatriates #expatsinnorthamerica #canada #unitedstates #immigrantsincanada #immigrantsinusa #pakistaniamerican #pakistanicanadian #indianamerican #nri Schedule time with Zarina: Check out Zarina's website for details on how she can help you: Zarina's Instagram Page: @coachingwithz Check out audio episodes on: Spotify: Apple Podcast:   Google Podcast:   Amazon Music:   Drawing Experts Instagram: @drawingroomexperts Video Episode on YouTube: