Ep 12: A Second Mutiny, a final challenge

1947: Road to Indian Independence

Aug 14 2022 • 27 mins

The war had ended. India was inching towards independence, but a clear political roadmap and timeline was missing. The Muslim League had stepped up its agitation for Pakistan. It was a turbulent, uncertain time. And then, in 1946, the Empire was struck with a final blow from within. The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny started from Bombay, and spread across the country and, at its peak, saw the involvement of 20,000 sailors across almost 100 ships and shore establishments. It sparked popular mobilization. The Mutiny eventually ended, but 89 years after the Sepoy Mutiny, colonial rule was on its final leg. In this penultimate episode of the podcast, publisher and author Pramod Kapoor examines the roots of the Mutiny, takes us through nature of the rebellion, and the nationalist and British response.