The Road to Indian Independence: An Introduction

1947: Road to Indian Independence

Aug 9 2022 • 13 mins

India’s freedom struggle is a story of evolution and revolution. It is a story of elite leadership and mass movements. It is a story of the most remarkable and successful non-violent struggle in global history wearing down the most powerful Empire the world has seen through the power of truth. It is a story of repression and revolt. It is a story of failures and successes. It is a story of unity and fragmentation. But fundamentally, it is a story of an ancient civilization and a new republic finding its voice. To mark India@75, HT’s new special podcast series takes you through 12 key moments of the freedom struggle, spread over 90 years, from the Mutiny of 1857 to the Naval Mutiny of 1946. Join some of India’s most distinguished historians and writers, in conversation with HT senior editor Prashant Jha, as they look back at the era of early nationalism, the British strategies of divide and rule and repression, the rise of the Mahatma and his mass movements, and help answer that fundamental question: How did India gain Azadi from the brutal and repressive colonial empire? Listen in as we introduce our series.