The Gray Market: True Risks of Buying Products Through an Unsecured Supply Chain

Automation Chat

28-02-2022 • 20 mins

In this episode of “Automation Chat” from The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork magazine, Executive Editor Theresa Houck discusses the gray market — products sold legally, but outside of the brand's permission. This isn’t an issue limited to just Rockwell Automation; it applies to all industrial automation suppliers.

What’s the difference between an Authorized Distributor and the gray market? Are counterfeit products really a big problem? And how can you tell if a product is counterfeit — or can you? What’s the harm in buying refurbished or used parts and equipment from an “unauthorized” source?

Theresa chats with Ryan Smaglik, Head of Revenue and Brand Protection at Rockwell Automation. He’s well-versed on what’s happening in the gray market, the risks of acquiring products through an unsecured supply chain, the ramifications those products can have for users, and examples of bad experiences customers have had. You’ll find his insights to be eye-opening.

And of course, get your family-friendly, silly Joke of the Day.

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