344. Happy Ending With Jerry Springer, He Got One Too: Big Baby Zach Strenkert

Better Call Daddy

Dec 27 2023 • 50 mins

Featured on Today, Oprah, Jerry Springer, Inside Edition, Maury, Guinness World Records, and more today's guest is Big Baby Zach Strenkert.

Zach's life was one tinged with the sense of being an exhibition. From a young age, he felt the gaze of others upon him as he entered classrooms, his presence prompting teachers to invite him, often publicly, to share his experiences or insights as if he were a guest speaker rather than just another student.

This constant spotlight, rather than stirring pride, evoked for Zach a comparison to a circus act—a showcase not of his choosing, but of a role thrust upon him. Ironically, Zach eventually adopted this role, accepting the attention as part of his identity. The reactions of those around him shaped his earlier years, leaving him with a complex understanding of acceptance and the price that sometimes comes with it. Now, with a reflective tone, Zach acknowledges this unique upbringing with a candidness that perhaps masks the weight of the perpetual display he felt as a child.

Welcome back to another riveting episode of Better Call Daddy, the place where heart, enthusiasm, and transformative journeys merge into captivating tales of personal growth.

Today, we're diving into the remarkable story of our guest, Zach—a man who has transformed from an esports enthusiast to a fitness guru and who now contemplates a life filled with travel and service as a social worker.

Zach’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication and a no-excuses mindset, pushing through struggles with extreme thinking, impulse control issues, and chronic back pain. Despite facing these obstacles, Zach has sculpted his life with the weight of his own expectations, literally running with a weighted backpack to test his body’s strength. His life is a mosaic of various passions, from the adrenaline of gaming to the perseverance in fitness, and perhaps, a future chapter that captures the essence of travel and social work.

In this episode we explore the dichotomies of Zach’s life, from a severe health issue that once sidelined him to his inspiring weight loss journey, losing over 250 pounds, and the balance between pushing oneself and seeking well-being. Zach shares the richness of valuing experiences over material wealth and helping others as the bedrock of a fulfilled life. We'll unravel the threads of Zach's life, including his newfound passion for writing, his past obsessions with fame, and his heartfelt desire to be recognized for his authentic self, without labels or pretense. From heartfelt moments with media giants to encounters with celebs like Metallica, Zach's narrative is peppered with insights into overcoming fears, embracing life’s offerings, and upholding the values of equality and respect.

So tighten your seatbelts for this emotional, funny, and transformative ride with Zach as he opens up about his life, his lessons, and the fuel that keeps his fire burning. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into an episode that truly embodies what it means to 'Better Call Daddy.' Stay tuned!

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