10 Home Features That Might Help Sell Your Home Faster

The Savvy Realtor with Angie Cole

03-07-2019 • 18 mins

Angie goes through a list of features some say will make your home sell faster. But which ones are really worth having and which ones are more about personal preference? Do you have any of these in your home (or on your wish list)?


Show Notes:

Did You See This?

0:38 Baby Boomers are changing the housing industry

  • 55+ communities are in high demand and are changing home designs.
  • There are many in this area, Del Webb being one of the big ones in the Triangle.
  • This is the only neighborhood type that can restrict based on age.
  • If you like to get out and be active and spend time with others in retirement, this is a great option.

Do These Features Sell Your Home Faster?

5:14 Chef’s kitchen

  • That’s the number one thing to spend money to update.
  • The cooktop and built-in stove and microwave will help get your home sold quicker.

5:47 Theater room

  • This is something that won’t hurt a home sale but isn’t a must either.
  • A lot of people will find it as a nice bonus.

6:16 Home gym

  • To Angie, this wouldn’t help sell a home quicker, it could even turn some people away.
  • This depends on the person, it’s very specific to someone’s needs.

7:33 Three-car garage

  • This could sell your home quicker.
  • It’s become more of the norm for homes of certain sizes.

8:00 Solar panels

  • Angie knows it saves energy, but overall, it’s not an upselling feature.
  • The look is not as appealing to some, but it depends on the person.
  • Angie hasn’t had a buyer who has been looking for solar panels on a house, so it doesn’t appear to be in high demand in the Triangle.

9:21 Quartz countertops

  • Anytime you have granite or quartz, an updated countertop will sell a home much quicker.

9:55 Exterior lighting

  • This adds to the attractiveness of the home.
  • There’s not a clear dollar amount on this, but it makes a home pop.

10:25 Tennis courts

  • In the neighborhood, this might not be a huge differentiator.

11:08 In-ground pool

  • On the actual property, it’s 50-50 on if the buyer wants one in the backyard.
  • But having one in the neighborhood is a bigger selling point.

11:58 Home office

  • Having an office or formal living room is nice. It can be turned into a playroom.
  • A bonus room in general sells a home quicker.
  • If the fourth bedroom can be utilized as a bonus room is more attractive than four small bedrooms.

Mailbag Question

15:12 Ashley: A Quick move

  • Ashley is thinking of buying a home in the area where the sellers have only lived in the home for a year. Is that a red flag?
  • Typically, not, since there are so many reasons why people decide to move.
  • Maybe the seller found out they were pregnant or got a new job out-of-state or another personal reason. You do have the right to ask as the buyer, but the selling agent does not have to disclose the answer.