The Art Of Small Talk Conversation And Your Personal Brand

Iconic Personal Branding Podcast

31-03-2021 • 13 mins

Every day 'small talk' conversations leave lasting impressions not only on what was said but also of the person who said it. Refining and mastering the art of everyday conversations is vital to an iconic personal brand. In this episode, we touch on the element of communication. You'll learn habits and skills to transform 'small talk' conversations into extraordinary moments.


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Unveiling the timeless secrets of architecting and mastering an iconic personal brand. Aspen and Oliva's 'Iconic Personal Branding' podcast is devoted to guiding entrepreneurs and career professionals to architect and master their iconic personal brand experience, ensuring that their brand effortlessly transcends into all areas of their lives. You'll learn actionable strategies to design a value-based and results-oriented brand, and craft a personalized and winning strategy to grow your brand awareness and monetize your personal brand.