Your Personal Brand’s Pandemic Potential

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09-02-2021 • 29 mins

Your Personal Brand’s Pandemic Potential

In this episode, we unveil 5 secrets to ensure your personal brand thrives during times of uncertainty. Natasha takes you through a journey sharing how Panera's CEO, Niren Chaudhary, used this time of adversity as a catalyst to grow his business and strength his brand. Through the story of Niren, you'll be inspired to take control of your personal brand and use this time of uncertainty as a catalyst to thrive - it is in times of adversity when icons are made. There is no better time than right now to show-up and shine a spotlight on your personal brand in your professional and personal life.

5 Ways To Thrive During Times Of Uncertainty

1. Make the intentional and conscious decision to view adversity as an opportunity.

2.  Your values and convictions will be stress-tested - Stay the course! Stay Strong! Persevere.

3. Know your skills, abilities, and talents, know them inside and out! Be a master at them!

4.  Lead. Lead. Lead. Lead your sphere of influence, especially during times of uncertainty. Step up and step out. This is your time to shine and thrive as a leader.

5. Acknowledge that you are a high achiever! Own it! Have conviction in your greatness.

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