Episode 12 - [Ryan] Sex + Reunion

Gay Narratives

Jul 27 2021 • 43 mins

"So I'm like I need to talk to you. You need to drive out to LA...we have to talk. And she said 'Are you okay? What's going on? Are you in danger'? And I told her 'No, no, it's not like that'. I just NEED to talk to you."


Special reunion with Ryan, a friend that I grew up with since we were in 2nd grade. After so many years of navigating through our own separate journeys in discovering our identity as gay men, we come together and reflect on the past. Join us on a roller coaster while we have a raw conversation from the anxiety of coming out, to strange feelings of attraction towards our high school teachers, to the lack of role models & sexual resources that would have helped us prepare more for adulthood.



Sexual health and education for the LGBTQ+ community is still lacking. Back when we were growing up, it was almost non existent and we were constantly bombarded with what was considered the "normal" male & female sexual representation. We saw it everywhere from TV, our families, movies, school, etc. but what we didn't see were the real resources that we needed, growing up as gay kids.

Below are some resources that we wish we had:

  • https://sexetc.org/sex-ed/info-center/faqs?pageNum=1&topic%5B%5D=stories-lgbtq
  • https://sexetc.org/sex-ed/info-center/stories/?pageNum=1&topic%5B%5D=stories-lgbtq
  • https://www.glsen.org/activity/gender-triangle-education-guide
  • https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/sexual-orientation/sexual-orientation


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