Episode 10 - Coming Out - Helena

Gay Narratives

Jul 13 2021 • 39 mins

“I remember there were a couple minutes of you trying to get it out before you actually got it out. And me just hanging on the edge of my seat thinking ‘WTF is it!! What is it!?’. But it did take you a little bit to get it out.”


A very special episode with one of my closest friends/soul sisters/horoscope and spiritual believers. We have 20+ years of history together (not a typo!) and she tells my coming out story from her own experience.


Helena is an unapologetically passionate educator, dreamer, and a curious lifelong learner. When we’re not sending each other ridiculous memes, we have deep, thoughtful conversations which often go for hours and hours into the night.


Episode mentions:

  • Prop 8: A harmful proposition in California which passed and became law in November 2008. It created a stark divide in the state of California where harmful advertisements and scare tactics were used to spread misguided information which ultimately persuaded people to vote to ban same-sex marriage. It directly harmed many families and to this day, still brings back memories of a dark, disappointing time in California.


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