Episode 7 - Mental

Gay Narratives

May 18 2021 • 14 mins

"I kind of stopped and I was really intrigued by it, but also my immediate thought was--oh shoot, my mom’s crazy. Why would she need to see a therapist or psychiatrist? I didn’t really know what that meant.”


Seeing a therapist so far has been like dating and we as a society definitely don’t talk about mental health openly and often enough. I was a closeted, gay, immigrant going through cultural identity shifts all in the midst of learning my parents were getting divorced. Even then, as an adult I always thought therapy was “not for me” and it wasn’t something I needed--that it was for other people.

Have you ever felt like you hesitated to ask for help because you didn’t want to appear weak? Or were you just not even sure what kind of help you needed?

P.S. I’m pretty sure I mispronounced “mischievous”, but oh well! English was my second language.


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