Episode 016 - Loving People and They Said What??? With Special Guest Michael Neale

Worship Leader Probs

12-02-2019 • 53 mins

Guess who's back...Probs is back. Welcome to another encouraging, entertaining, and equipping episode of the Worship Leader Probs Podcast. In this episode, the guys reveal the greatest lesson they've learned in ministry, recognize their MVPs, and have an incredible round of prayer concerns. To top it all off, they have an intriguing conversation with songwriter and worship pastor Michael Neale. Buckle up 'cause this episode is coming in hawt. Episode Breakdown: Intro: 24s MVPs: 6m 52s Prayer Concerns: 9m 51s Sliding into the DMs: 15m 57s Michael Neale: 26m 07s Outro: 51m 10s