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BadmintonTalk by The Q Shuttle

Badminton Talk is a new and exciting Podcast about 'Talking Badminton'. It's for Badminton and Sports fans, followers, coaches, parents and players. And hey?....If your not one of them, maybe you might be interested too! What makes this Podcast Unique, Different, Special and Better that other Badminton content streams, is the Badminton banter between Mark and John on the Badminton Talk Podcast. We aim to deliver Badminton Talk in a Fun, Exciting, Novel and Quality format. Mark Topping is a Legend in Badminton, with 54 caps for Ireland, playing at the highest level, and currently Mark competes on the Masters circuit. Co-Host John Noble, a qualified BWF Coach, Lifesaving Swimmer, and Lecturer in Marketing, John has been playing Badminton for over 35 years, and continues to play, train, and coach a number of the upcoming Juvenile Badminton players in the Academy. The Badminton Talk Podcast is about the Badminton conversations, between Mark and John, with invited guests talking Badminton. So remember where you heard of the name first! BADMINTON TALK....from, because we Live, Sleep, Play and Talk Badminton! Feel free to contact at any time, and if you are interested in a particular topic let us know! and