Vol 01 | Q4 | NW00304 | October 30 | Decisive of Tunbridge Wells

Night Whispers

30-10-2019 • 5 mins

Dream Word – HOPE

Matthew 9:11-13 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, "Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?" When Jesus heard that, He said to them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means: ' NKJV.

I once lived, and suffered, in Tunbridge Wells, the place which has often been referred to as the ‘Spiritual home of Middle-England,’ that is, the home of the presumed right-wing views of middle class, mainstream, non-urban white folks. In light of this, it was the satirical magazine, ‘Private Eye,’ who in its playfully constructed, obsessively and excessively complaining ‘letters to the editor,’ always signed them off with mock outrage as being from, ‘Yours faithfully, DISGUSTED of Tunbridge Wells.’ Now, while modern virtue signalling makes me sick, mock social outrage is of course hilarious! on the other hand, mock religious outrage born out of a lifetime of fat slumber is, absolutely anything but funny, for it is both in and of itself, a mockery.

In this mad world in which we presently live, in this end of the age relationship freak show, in this silicon sideshow of drug-induced enhancement, and totally spiritually disenfranchised and demonised societies, I am afraid we need to lay aside any semblance of an attitude which lifts its nose, and shakes its head while writing letters to the 'Evangelical Times' signed by ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.’ For many years far too many folks have done nothing to remedy our society's worsening situation, (oh I don't mean giving flip-flops to female-fools on a Friday night, or even feeding the homeless which is a great thing to do,  no, that is NOT helping society, it is helping the homeless, but its not helping society) and so really, with all of  our social Gospel-ing, and with things getting worse by the day, just how can we act so disgusted? What right do we Evangelicals have to do so?

As I write, in the last few days, the last bastion of protestant Christianity, Northern Ireland, voted to make abortion and gay marriage legal. In Northern Ireland! I wonder if it is at all possible for us to be shocked anymore? No, I didn’t think so. Therefore we should not act shocked. Therefore we should not feign religious disgust. It will do no good anyhow! Rather, we should guard ourselves and become an exemplary point of moral reference. Rather, we should gird ourselves with grace and stoop to conquer. Rather, we should go into all this mad and messy world and preach the Gospel to every crazy-creature that might listen. We need to be 'black and white' honest with people and then if they repent and change, then society will also be changed. Therefore, don’t be disgusted, but be decisive about doing something, even something about our very sick society, for it is most certainly cancerous and in great need of the great Physician. Oh, and by the way, He shall do those house calls but He shall do them through you! So, are you ready for the sacrifice? Are you ready to be courageous, truthful and honest? Yes, are you ready to call sinners to repentance? Are you learning what this means? Are you ready to summon 'the sick with sin' to come to the great physician? Are you learning what this means?  Yes, in the end, the Gospel is always a social Gospel, yet remember my fellow social Gospelites,  Christ never started a school, neither did  He build a hospital, nor did He kick-start a social care program of any kind. No, He preached the Gospel, made disciples and He calls us to do the same.  The physician we need is the curer of souls. Maybe when we focus on that, society will begin to heal, for, without Christ, we have NOTHING.  Be decisive in preaching the Gospel to sick sinners. H

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