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RRTC on Neurogenic Bladder

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Neurogenic Lower Urinary TractDysfunction (NLUTD) was launched in 2019 and includes a diverse team of physicians(rehabilitation, urology, pediatrics), researchers, and people with NLUTD (more commonlyknown as “neurogenic bladder”). We are located across the United States and have a passion to advance science, health care, and quality of life around this common condition. Our podcasts are for clinicians, scientists, non-scientists, adults, kids, and everyone in between. We cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of neurogenic bladder and its management, to being in a relationship and dating, social justice, and even how your bladder is like a snowflake! So, if urine need of some of the latest knowledge on neurogenic bladder from experts in the field, then urine luck! read less
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