Affirmations & Anatomy

Amy Bambi Wendt

Welcome to Affirmations & Anatomy, a weekly sleep meditation podcast designed for artists, creatives, students, and humans alike. Listen in every Monday for a new episode that begins with a focus on breath-work, followed by a full body scan exercise paired with self-love messages to gently guide you into dreamtime.

Each session integrates a new anatomical term, explaining a bone or muscle and its role in the body. This unique approach helps artists, students, dancers, and lifelong learners understand body mechanics while their subconscious absorbs technical terms. By connecting your mind to specific body parts during relaxation, you'll find it easier to recall terminology.

Positive affirmations link your body and mind, fostering a more whole and productive artist, a more peaceful human, and a deeper respect for the miraculous and fragile vessel in which you dwell.

Let’s take a nap. I’m glad you are here.

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