The Mandalorian Rewatch: Chapter 16 Commentary

Children of the Watch: The Ahsoka After Show

Feb 25 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Season 3 of The Mandalorian is almost here! Join Children of the Watch as we relive one of the biggest moments in all of Star Wars, Chapter 16: The Rescue. You can watch along as Alex and Mac provide their commentary along the way. Originally a patreon episode, we wanted to open it up to everyone as you complete your rewatch before the big premiere! Join the Watch as we enjoy this classic episode of Star Wars television. On Monday we will be back to give our final thoughts before the big premiere! Starting next week, join Children of the Watch every Wednesday for our scene-by-scene breakdown of each episode of the Mandalorian Season 3. Subscribe to our feed so you never miss an episode of our coverage of all things Star Wars TV! Music by Kevin Graham