006: Why your money archetypes are the key to your business success

Craft Your Magic

12-04-2022 • 14 mins

Did you know that being aware of archetypes and then knowing your personal archetype can support your success as a business owner? When you step into your money archetype, you’ll find that you’re able to improve your personal development, embrace your spiritual awakening and your money habits.

In this episode of Craft Your Magic, I’m breaking down the concepts from Carl Jung and how the archetypes can support you. I also share how the archetypes can bridge the gap between the human and the divine, what the sacred money archetypes are and what the 3 levels of the psyche are and how these intertwine with your archetype.

What’s in this episode:

  • What the archetypes are
  • What happens when our archetypes aren’t expressed through us
  • The 3 levels of the psyche and how they affect your archetype: consciousness (ego), the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious
  • How archetypes bridge the human and the divine
  • The shadow sides of the archetypes
  • The sacred money archetypes
  • What your archetypes help you get a sense of to support your personal development, spiritual awakening and money habits

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Discover your Money & Abundance Archetype: https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/61780a45f5103b0018e33fcb