001: Welcome to Craft Your Magic

Craft Your Magic

15-03-2022 • 8 mins

Whether you realize it or not, you have access to a well of divine inner magic. When I learned to harness my own and lead with love, I was finally able to craft a life and business that fueled my happiness. Now, it’s my mission to help inspired business owners do the same. In this first episode of Craft Your Magic, I’m sharing a bit about my personal spiritual journey. I’m opening up about the childhood experiences that set me on this path and how I’ve learned to harness my inner magic in my life and business. Plus, I’m revealing what you can expect on later episodes of the podcast.

What’s in this episode:

  • How pleasure, spirituality, success, and money interact in your life
  • Where your inner magic and divinity come from and how to harness it
  • How I set off on my spiritual journey early in my childhood
  • Why your situation doesn’t have to determine your happiness
  • What you can expect here on Craft Your Magic

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