UP Podcast: Fatima Makki - Helping Your Community

Unpopular People Podcast

May 18 2021 • 41 mins

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About this episode:

Fatima is a French Teacher originally from Lebanon. She was born during the civil war (1975 to 1990) and grew up with five sisters and two brothers in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Fatima has been living in Australia for 15 years. Recently, she changed her career to become a mental health worker because she wants to help people in her community. As her parents were fashion designers with their own company, she knows a lot about fashion manufacturing. During this interview, Fatima shares her childhood memories from growing up in an unsafe situation in Lebanon. She gives insights into her culture, her educational background and shares her experiences about living in a foreign country. In this episode, you can learn a lot about the Lebanese culture and how to handle misconceptions. If you’re interested in foreign cultures and experiences, have a listen to this inspiring interview because “listening and learning from each other is key for personal development and success.”

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