Look Who‘s Ranting Now

Artiste Colon

L👀K Who’s Ranting Now!, is the Eccentric Call-In TalkShow/Podcast hosted by Artiste Colon. From ‘Trending Topics’ to ‘Ranting Time’: It’s everything you didn’t know you needed. “It’s more than a Show, it’s a Vibe!” $10 (CashApp) Trivia every week. All episodes are LIVE Thursday Nights @ 8:30 PM CST on YouTube Live. Your Rant is someone else’s Therapy on L👀K Who’s Ranting Now! Follow The Show On Twitter @LookWhoRants, Instagram @ LookWhoRants, As well as TikTok @ LookWhoRants! Submit your Show Ideas & Topics you want to see covered at LookWhosRantingNow@Gmail.com