SZN: 3 EP: 7 ~ Live 3/3/22

Look Who‘s Ranting Now

12-04-2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

Tonight we covered: (3:05) #TrendingTopics ~ Reports Of Africans & Indians Not Being Able To Flee Ukraine, While They Prioritize Ukranian Citizens!!?? (13:55) #TrendingTopics ~ A New Bill Being Proposed, That Would Require A Drunk Driver Who Kills A Parent To Pay Child Support For The Victims Children!!?? (27:45) #TrendingTopics ~ A Man Who Ghosted His Fiance At The Alter, Because Of What Happened At Her Bachlorette Party (39:00) #SlapOrCap ~ Taking Reparations But Being Forced To Leave The Country!!?? (43:49) #SlapOrCap ~ Sometimes Fast Food Workers Do Deserve To Be Cussed Out!!?? (46:15) #SlapOrCap ~ Men Ask For Less Than Women, In Terms Of Dating!!?? (54:19) #SlapOrCap ~ Black People Produce Nothing In America Other Than Sweat!!??

Shout Out to my guests tonight: YourGoodKarma, Ecko The Model, and our Amazing Producer Mr. Boom! Congratulations to LikaBug for winning the $15 CashApp Random Trivia! A SPECIAL THANKS to the AMAZING LISTENERS for putting this show into the TOP 25% OF PODCASTS!! Be a part of the fun every week Live on Thursday Nights @ 8:30 PM CST via PodBean. And Available EVERYWHERE You Get Your Podcasts! #TrendingTopics #Ukraine #DrunkDriving #SlapOrCap #ChildSupport #BachloretteParty #Reparations #FastFood #Women #Men #Trivia #RantingTime #Live