Clovis - The First King: Consolidation (S1: E6)

Thugs and Miracles: A History of France

10-11-2019 • 36 mins

Clovis had taken all of the steps he needed by the year 500 to set the stage for the Franks to go from being a small regional tribe in the north to being the preeminent power in post-Roman Gaul. His conversion to Catholicism earned him support from Gallo-Romans living in Arian Christian areas, and would also draw the attention of the Byzantine Emperor. Meanwhile, he had worked to weaken the Burgundians to his southeast and pacify the Visigoths to his southwest, all before making his power move against them in 507. At the Battle of Vouillé, things were set for Clovis to either take over take over most of Gaul or die trying.