Confessions of a Dirty Tricks Operative. Meet David Wallace, political fixer. After decades in the game he says he's getting out, telling all, and dumping his files in public. The result is the #KlondikePapers conspiracy theory. But are the allegations true? And why is he really implicating himself, and so many others? A wild, true story.

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Chapter Three: The Trojan Horse
Nov 14 2022
Chapter Three: The Trojan Horse
Thanks to David Wallace and Richard Marsh, the Klondike Papers blew up online - and nothing garnered more attention than Wallace’s claim that there was a plot to get rid of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Could it be true? Cherise and Jesse try to get to the bottom of what actually happened, and in doing so discover a complex network of Brethren business with extensive political connections around the globe. Written and reported by Jesse Brown and Cherise SeucharanAudio editing and sound design by Tristan CapacchioneOriginal music by Nathan BurleyAdditional music by Audio NetworkEditorial Assistance by Sarah LawrynuikExecutive Producer, Jesse BrownTo hear two bonus episodes of Ratfucker right now, support Canadaland by going to: https://canadaland.com/joinIf you value this podcast, please support us. We rely on listeners like you paying for journalism. As a supporter, you’ll get premium access to all our shows ad free, including early releases and bonus content. You’ll also get our exclusive newsletter, discounts on Canadaland merch, invites and tickets to our live and virtual events, and more than anything, you’ll be a part of the solution to Canada’s journalism crisis and you’ll be keeping our work free and accessible to everybody. Come join us now, click the link in your show notes or go to https://canadaland.com/joinYou can listen ad-free on Amazon Music—included with Prime. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.