68. Connor DelPrete Interview; Julio Jones; Braves/Hawks; Update on DeRenne Ave. Globe & SCDS Coach

Hot Grits Podcast

26-05-2021 • 1 hr 25 mins

Episode 68 (Season 4, Episode 8) of The Hot Grits Podcast with Travis Jaudon & Spencer Maddox. This one is an absolute unit of an episode folks. Buckle up. SHOW TOPICS: Julio Jones' strange phone call this week with Uncle Shannon Sharpe on First Take (FS1) with Skip Bayless. The Falcons wide receiver was always likely to be traded, but is this how it goes down for him (1:00)?   ...   In case you've never met any white guy -- or anyone with any interest in the game of golf, the PGA Championship was won last weekend by an all-time old-guy hero, Phil Mickelson. Spencer’s phone rings twice at 5:30 & 7:05 and Travis hates P-Mick (8:55) ..... Braves chatter begins around 18:15 mark with Austin Riley’s fan club President basking in the glory of his success. Travis has to leave the studio, so Spencer talks Hawks/Knicks until Travis can call in (31:25) to update the SCDS football coaching situation and DeRenne Avenue Globe potentially moving location. **THANKS to our title sponsor, Coach's Corner. Check out Coach's Corner on Facebook and when you go, tell them HGP sent ya for a special discount! Our segment sponsors are John Carr Real Estate, The PrepSportsReport.com, Beaulieu Oaks Home Improvement**   ---