House Of Yahweh Weekly Sermons 01 (~1982-2011)

Yisrayl Hawkins

As we look out into the world around us, we see misery growing to an unbearable degree. We see suffering of all kinds through the man-made sin-caused disease epidemics and pandemics. We see nothing but death and destruction caused by wars that the world’s leaders say will bring peace. We see the use of weapons that are so devastating that they will soon cause the light of the sun and moon to be darkened and all hope of life to be gone. In the midst of all this misery, death and destruction, a single light shines. The House Of Yahweh is still flourishing and thriving, preaching the Message of The Kingdom to all the world, as instructed by scripture. Through these sermons, you will learn more and more why and how the world got in the shape it is in today. You will learn the details of the Laws that will be used to bring the earth back to full production. You will learn exactly what you and your family can do to be a part of the great Work of Yahweh now and part of the Kingdom of Yahweh throughout eternity. read less
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