TBRCon2023 Panel: Bringing History into Your Story (with Miles "Christian" Cameron, Tasha Suri, P. Djèlí Clark, Leslye Penelope, Freya Marske & Thilde Kold Holdt)

SFF Addicts

Jul 21 2023 • 1 hr 40 mins

Every week, we are highlighting a panel from TBRCon2023, looking back on the amazing variety of panels that we had the honor of hosting.

This week, join moderator/author Miles "Christian" Cameron and authors Tasha Suri, P. Djèlí Clark, Leslye Penelope, Freya Marske and Thilde Kold Holdt for a TBRCon2023 author panel on "Bringing History into Your Story."


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Christian "Miles" Cameron is the author of Artifact Space, the Long War series, Chivalry series, Tyrant series, The Traitor Son Cycle and more. Find Cameron on ⁠⁠Twitter⁠, ⁠Amazon⁠⁠ and ⁠his personal website⁠.

Tasha Suri is the award-winning author of The Books of Ambha duology and the epic fantasy Burning Kingdoms series, including The Jasmine Throne and The Oleander Sword. Find Tasha on ⁠Twitter⁠, ⁠Amazon⁠ and ⁠her personal website⁠.

P. Djèlí Clark is the award-winning author of Ring Shout, A Master of Djinn and more. Find Phenderson on ⁠Twitter⁠, Amazon and ⁠his personal website⁠.

Leslye Penelope is the award-winning author of The Monsters We Defy, the Bliss Wars series, the Earthsinger Chronicles and more. She also has a podcast called My Imaginary Friends. Find Leslye on ⁠Twitter⁠, Amazon and ⁠her personal website⁠.

Freya Marske is the author of The Last Binding Trilogy, including A Marvellous Light, A Restless Truth and A Power Unbound. Find Freya on ⁠⁠Twitter⁠⁠, ⁠⁠Amazon⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠her personal website⁠⁠.

Thilde Kold Holdt is the author of The Hanged God Trilogy, including Northern Wrath, Shackled Fates and Slaughtered Gods. Find Thilde on ⁠⁠Twitter⁠⁠, ⁠⁠Amazon⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠her personal website⁠⁠.


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