Ep. 10: Our Favorite Reads of 2021

SFF Addicts

Dec 14 2021 • 1 hr 59 mins

Join host Adrian M. Gibson and FanFiAddict's David Walters, Tori Gross, Eleni Argyró, Connor M. Caplan and Arun (aka Bender) for our final FanFiAddict family panel of the year. During this episode, we reflect on the past year and share some of our favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror books that we read throughout 2021. It was a great time, full of lots of jokes and gushing about the authors and books we adore, and we hope that you come out of it with a bunch of books to add to your TBR.


David Walters is a book reviewer and the founder of FanFiAddict.com, as well as the host of Authors on a Podcast Talking Books.

Find David on Twitter or on FanFiAddict.com.

Tori Gross is an author, poet and writer for the FanFiAddict book blog.

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Eleni Argyró is a book reviewer for FanFiAddict and loves all things literature related.

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Connor M. Caplan is a writer for FanFiAddict and author of The Sword in the Street.

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Arun (aka Bender) is a writer for FanFiAddict.

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Interlude 1: "The Wind" by Astronoz

The Broken Binding Ad & Interlude 2: “Crescendo” by Astronoz

Outro: “Cloudy Sunset” by Astronoz

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