S1. BONUS #1: The N WORD w/ Damien

People Interacting with People

Jan 17 2022 • 9 mins

In this snippet from Episode 4 - I chat with my new friend, Damien. Damien works as a Security Guard at the Visitors' Centre at the Fort Campbell Army Base in Kentucky. When I couldn't connect with my friend there last month, Damien volunteered to be a part of the podcast.

Originally from the Bronx, I was surprised to learn that Damien is a member of the Black Community given that his skin is so fair. We talk about this in our episode which will be published next week.

In this snippet, we talk about the use of the N Word and I tell him a bit about my friend, Madeleine Sherwood, who was a white woman married to a Black man in the 1950s-60s and who worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope you enjoy this snippet. Stay tuned for the full conversation in Episode 4.

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