Health Disparities & Leadership| Transforming a Nation

Pharmacy Podcast Network

25-08-2020 • 1 hr 3 mins

Part 2: Transforming a Nation  A “health disparity” refers to a higher burden of illness, injury, disability, or mortality experienced by one group relative to another. A “health care disparity” typically refers to differences between groups in health insurance coverage, access to and use of care, and quality of care. Healthcare disparities continue to exist despite increased awareness of and attention to their existence. The causes of healthcare disparities are, for many patients and patient populations, multifaceted and highly complex. The program will focus on the healthcare disparities that exist for patients with diabetes and address how pharmacists and other pharmacy personnel can address healthcare disparities. Have you experienced Bias (race, gender or age) in the workplace   How to increase representation of people of color in healthcare (pharmacist- 66%white, 22% Asian, 5.2% Black) How does this help decrease disparities? The pharmacist's role in reducing health disparities Heath and racial disparities and how they relate to the pharmacy world? What can we do about systemic racism in healthcare? Social determinants of health and how they contribute to disparities How do we eliminate barriers to improve equity in healthcare? Pharmacy Desserts and how this affects health disparities   Action that we can take from the obvious racial disparities that have been highlighted through COVID-19? Guests: Dr. Jamie Hardy, PharmD. Board Certified Pharmacist Dr. Frank North, PharmD. Consultant Pharmacist at The Rowe Network Dr. Stephanie Young Moss, PharmD, MS Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Partnerships References: Understanding Health Disparities in Pharmacy Kristen Coppock, MA, Managing Editor See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit